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Angelina Jolie Spotlights Rape in War Zones During Film Promotion

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Angelina Jolie spoke before a Japanese audience regarding her upcoming directorial debut of ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey.’ In discussing the film, Jolie turned the spotlight to sexual violence that occurs in war zones.Jolie is the special envoy …

Nigerian Writer Tope Folarin Wins Caine Writing Prize

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This is delightful news. Two Nigerians have won the prestigious Caine Prize for African Writing two years in a row. Last year, Nigerian writer, Rotimi Babatunde, won the prize for his story Bombay’s Republic – a book about Nigerian soldiers …

Why the Hell do People “English-ize” their Names?

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It is not uncommon to see people spell their names in an Anglicized (I humorously call this word “english-ize” sometimes, as I’ve done in the title line) manner, especially on online social networks where a large degree of personal freedom …