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1.5 Million Cockroaches Escape Dafeng Facility In China

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Who Keeps Cockroaches as Pets? Chinese!!!!! At least 1.5 million cockroaches escaped a Dafeng facility in the eastern province of Jiangsu, China last Friday where they were bred for traditional medicine use. The cockroaches fled the facility after the plastic …

Ban Ki-moon Warns Against Use Of Chemical Weapons In Syria

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  The use of any chemical weapons in Syria will amount to a “crime against humanity” and there will be “serious consequences” for the perpetrators, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Saturday, while urging an immediate investigation into the matter. “Any …

Dear men,Beat Your Woman In Lagos And Go To Jail

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There’s a new Domestic Violence Law in Lagos State, and it states that if you beat your wife, you will go to Jail. It is now an offense for any man to hit his wife. According to the deputy governor …

Prison Break in Akure, Over 170 Inmates Set Free

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Over 170 inmates were set free today during a brazen attack on the Olokuta medium security prison in Akure by armed gunmen who set off explosives and broke in shooting sporadically into the air. The incident happened in the early …