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‘Texting’ While Driving! Are You Guilty Of This?

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I remember when the Black berry phones just came to Nigeria, (and in present times), the alert sound when a ping/message came in was very distracting. The phone seems to always demand the owner’s attention and this includes when a person …

2 Pakistani Girls Shot Dead For Making A Video Of Themselves Dancing In The Rain

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Two teenage sisters, 16 year old Noor Basra and 15 year old Noor Sheza (both pictured above) were shot dead at their home in the town of Chilas, in Pakistan after a video showing the two girls laughing and dancing …

Fuji star Pasuma attacked by armed robbers

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Pasuma was attacked around 9pm on Monday night May 27th by armed robbers along the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway while on his way to a show in Ogun State. The robbers took his money, mobile phones, and also robbed the friend who …