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How To Keep Your Romance Alive

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  They say love makes the world go round. ‘Each moment of a relationship should be romantic’. That means seizing every opportunity to sweeten up, even the most seemingly unsentimental times together. So here are those little gestures that keep a …

BBA: Lazy Diamonds Punished

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This morning, the Diamonds bore the full brunt of the big boss’ anger when they, as usual, decided to dedicate their time to sleeping and scratching themselves, instead of throwing their weight into this week’s Circus Task. Not even the …

Ramadan: Man Kills 85-Yr-Old Observing Night Prayer

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  The octogenarian, who was physically impaired, was said to be observing Tarawhi (Ramadan night prayer)  when Tiamiyu pounced on him.It was learnt that the old man was persuaded by his family members to observe the prayer at home, while …