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23 Year Old Kenyan Rugby Star Makes History

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Daniel Adongo started his rugby career in South Africa when he went to school at the University of South Africa in 2007.. Photo Credits: Kenyan Post  . 23 year old Kenyan rugby star Daniel Adongo has made history by becoming the first …

Microsoft Shares Drops 12 Percent in Single Day

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Bill Gates In 2000 Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) endured a 15 percent drop in shares. From that day forward the Windows icon aimed for the stars and succeeded. Until yesterday when jaws dropped as Microsoft witnessed over 12 percent of their stock shares …

‘Zambia and Africa are proud of you Cleo’ – Sulu

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  Just before the Rubies dosed off to sleep,Sulu and Cleo were having a chat about being on The Chase to which Sulu told his fellow country woman that her family, Zambia and Africa was very proud of her at …

Schurrle Deal Close To Conclusion

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Outgoing Leverkusen chief executive Wolfgang Holzhauser says the club has reached an agreement with Chelsea over the transfer of Andre Schurrle and the loan of Kevin de Bruyne. We are in agreement with Chelsea. They buy [Andre] Schurrle for a …