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How Your Cell Phone Might Be Hurting Your Sperm

Posted ago by Adediwura

Men may want to reconsider how closely they store their mobile phone to the family jewels. A meta-analysis of ten past studies, led by researchers at University of Exeter, U.K., found a small but consistent drop in sperm quality if …

Photo:Girl Swallows Her Cellphone So Her Boyfriend Won’t Read Her Messages

Posted ago by admin

Everyday a new weird story. According to reports, Adriana Andrade, a 19yr old Brazilian girl swallowed her cell phone because she was scared her boyfriend Renato would read her text messages from another man. Her boyfriend demanded to see the …

“Venezuelan Hair” : Thieves Are Now Attacking Women with Long Hair In Venezuela

Posted ago by admin

According to this funny and weird report, having long hair can make you a target for criminals in the Venezuelan coastal city of Maracaibo. These criminals are targeting young women who have long hair with scissors, and before you know what’s …