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Actress Biola Ige Releases Beautiful New Photos.

Posted ago by Kowope

The actress just released these stunning new photos. Continue to see more…

See The Troubles This Nudé Photo Is Causing Actress Biola Ige.

Posted ago by Kowope

After published photos of Nollywood actors, Muna Obiekwe and Biola Ige in a raunchy act few weeks back, the clips went viral online. Muna claimed he can’t remember doing anything of such with her but pictures don’t lie. Biola herself later …

Official Statement From Actress Biola Ige Regarding Semi-Nude Movie Scene Picture.

Posted ago by Kowope

The picture on the left went viral online in recent days. It shows actress Biola Ige in what would appear to be a compromising situation with actor Muna Ibekwe. But the actress has reacted to the pic saying its from …