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Photo: Lagos area boys celebrate Democracy Day with beer from ill-fated lorry

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Area boys in Oshodi Lagos state had a fruitful Democracy, as they celebrated the day with beer from ill-fated lorry that was transporting crates of Goldberg beer. The Area boys went into frenzy when the vehicle lost its footing and …

Men, Eight Places You Must Never Touch On A Woman’s Body

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Avoid nipple pinching when we’re breastfeeding or about to have our periods. It just hurts … in the bad way. Sometimes I get tired of hearing myself say don’t touch! I am sure my husband gets annoyed, too, since it’s …

What You Didn’t Know About Beer (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Beer is often considered a man’s drink (less so now, but still to some degree.) Typically, women have historically ordered wine and men ordered beer. But beer was much more of a woman’s beverage back in the day — and …