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Angelina Jolie Buys Brad Pitt An Island For His 50th Birthday

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What do you give a man who has almost everything? An island! According to news reports, Angelina Jolie just dropped $19million for a secluded heart shaped island located in Lake Mahopac, 50-miles away from New York City, which she reportedly plans …

Beyonce And Hubby,Jay Z Top Forbes List Of Highest-Earning Celebrity Couples

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Beyonce and Jay Z top the 2013 Forbes list of highest earning celebrity couples while Kim & Kanye came in at No.5. Jay and Bey made more than any other celebrity couple this year with an estimated $95 million in …

Angelina Jolie Gets New Tattoo

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Angelina Jolie has got a new tattoo on the inside of her right arm, a line of Arabic text. The 38-year-old actress has had an Arabic phrase inked onto the inside of her right forearm and the design is positioned below the …

(PHOTOS) Brand Pitt And Agelina’s kids: Then And Now

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When we saw this photo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s brood — sans father Pitt — at the Sydney International Airport in Australia, we were struck by how much the six Jolie-Pitts have grown. We can remember when … …

Angelina Jolie Receives The Hersholt Honorary Oscar Award

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The Academy Awards aka Oscars may still be months ahead but some winners have already been identified. According to reports, prolific actress and Forbes Magazine’s Most Powerful Actress in Hollywood,Angelina Jolie will receive the prestigious Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, which the body behind the Oscars, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts …

Angelina Jolie And Daughter Vivienne To Appear In 1st Disney Movie

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Angelina Jolie appeared at Disney’s D23 Expo to promote the upcoming film “Maleficent,” in which she plays the star role as the Sleeping Beauty villainess. Even bigger news is that Jolie’s daughter, Vivienne, will appear as co-star in the Disney …

Angelina Jolie Spotlights Rape in War Zones During Film Promotion

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Angelina Jolie spoke before a Japanese audience regarding her upcoming directorial debut of ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey.’ In discussing the film, Jolie turned the spotlight to sexual violence that occurs in war zones.Jolie is the special envoy …

Brad Pitt surprises fans again

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Brad Pitt surprised fans at another screening of ‘World War Z’ on Friday night (06.07.13). The 49-year-old actor, who has been on a worldwide promotional tour for the film, delighted fans by showing up unannounced at a screening of his …

Angelina Jolie ‘born to make men weak’

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Angelina Jolie “was born to make men weak”, according to Ethan Hawke. The duo starred in 2004 movie ‘Taking Lives’ together and although he has kissed numerous other women onscreen, Ethan, 42, – who has two children with wife Ryan …

Angelina Jolie’s aunt dies from breast cancer

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Angelina Jolie’s beloved aunt Debbie died after a battle with breast cancer on Sunday morning (26.05.13) in California. Angelina Jolie’s aunt has lost her battle with breast cancer. The ‘Salt’ actress – who recently revealed she underwent a double mastectomy …

Brad Pitt Bans Sex Scenes With Other Women Out Of Respect For Angelina Jolie

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When a man loves a woman….he can’t hide it,he also bends rules, makes sacrifices to keep her happy. Bradpitt just proved this theory as he revealed to Esquire magazine that he stopped all love scenes with women in his films …

Angelina Jolie reveals she had double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer

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The 37 year old actress and mother of six wrote an article in the New York Times today May 14th revealing she underwent a double mastectomy earlier this year after a blood test showed she was genetically susceptible to cancer. Doctors …

Nigerian Pop Singer Spends $85,000 On Lip Surgery–Angelina Jolie Lips

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Nigerian Pop Singer Spends $85,000 On Lip Surgery–Angelina Jolie Lips An Abuja based pop singer who we don’t even think is such a huge star has shown how stupid one could get inorder to look ‘beautiful’. Regina Adeola who is …

Celebrity Couple Brat Pitt And Angelina Jolie Venture Into WineMaking.

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Wine website reported that Hollywood A-List couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have gone into wine business, producing a rose called Miraval from their French estate and putting their names on the label. The celebrity couple have been working …

Happy Birthday, Angelina Jolie!

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Hollywood star, and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie is plus one today, she is 37 years old today. Happy birthday!