Orlando Bloom Attempts An Attack On Justin Bieber

UW2OL2UXEFscCb2MmAuiKSfkLast night an obviously infuriated Orlando Bloom struck out and aimed to land a punch on Canadian born pop star Justin Bieber but missed.

The origin of the stars problem could be traced to 2012 when Orlando bloom was still married to his Super model wife, Miranda Kerr.

Then Justin was with her on a fashion show, and reports going around suggested that they had a thing, a report Miranda did not deny.

A year later, Miranda and Orlando ended their marriage and in April 2014, Orlando was seen hanging out with Justin’s on and off girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Well fast forward to last night, and TMZ states that as Justin was passing by Orlando’s and his friends he told the Actor, whats up B***h, this infuriated the actor making him stand and attack the teen star.

After the fight, Justin then mocked the Orlando by posting a photo of Miranda on his Instagram page with a love icon and then quickly deleted it.



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