Pastor Mase Leaves Gospel, Back To Wordly Music

TMZ are reporting the Harlem Born Pastor quit his role as a pastor after his marriage broke down last month and ended indivorce.

The pastor has been sometime now coming back and dropping some music and then later going back to religion.

Mase left his El Elyon International Church attendees confused after he dropped an album full of Godly content a couple of years ago.

Mase left the rap game in 1999 to take up a career as a pastor of the Lord, he quickly built up a huge base of followers from Atlanta and Phoenix where his churches are based.

The pastor had preached about the virtues of marriage and family values and so when his family life came crashing down, most of his church goers left in Anger.

Mase has broken off all the ties with church and is performing regularly in the L.A area and sitting in the studio making worldly music.

Mase was born Mason Durell Betha on August 27, 1977 and comes from Harlem New York.

He was Formerly signed by P. Diddy to his Bad Boy records and was supposed to be Bad Boy’s new king after the unfortunate death of Biggy Smalls.

Mase had featured heavy on R&B songs and his hit Mo Money, Mo Problems took the world by storm, being the biggest hit in the Biggie Smalls Life After Death (1997).

He was married to Twyla Betha and lead the El Elyon International Church.



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