My Father’s Burial Made Me Return to Smoking – Charly Boy

image.aspxControversial entertainer and son of late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, Charles Oputa (a.k.a Charly Boy) has disclosed that his father’s burial plans had made him return to smoking again.

According to Charly Boy, he had quit smoking five years ago but due to the challenges behind his father’s burial activities, had pushed him to go back into it.

The entertainer explained that his late father had warned him not to spend too much money for his burial plans since he was a simple man and mature man.

He pointed out that one of his father’s issues with him was that he (Charly Boy) always does things in large measures and these were the things his father never liked.

“I quit smoking for over five years now, but I started smoking again about three weeks ago because I was running mental, preparing for my father’s rites of passage,” he explained.

“I have had this discussion with him almost a year ago when I asked him how he would want to be buried and what would be his expectations. He replied saying that ‘I know that no matter what I tell you now, it would end up being the Charley Boy show. Even at that, I would be happy but all I would say is this: don’t spend too much money.”

“This is because he was a simple man nature. My father was always worried concerning how I do things because I have never done things in small measure. I thank God for his mercies that I was ready for this, mentally and spiritually. Though I would have wished that God had given us more time, but that is the reality of life. I am happy that I am able to give my father a befitting burial,” he added.



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