Finding Right Woman Not My Problem – Anthony Monjaro

image.aspxNollywood actor, Anthony ‘Monjaro’ Akposheri, is not new to the industry and featured in the blockbusting movie ‘Last Flight To Abuja,’ where he acted as pilot.

The actor, who is still single, expressed sadness for being without a woman he can call his wife, but stressed that he needs to get himself settled to some extent before planning to start a family.

He added that though it is not a must for a man to have the things of life before settling down, but it is nice to have a regular source of income to use in managing the home effectively.

“I should be and I am not very proud to say I am not (married). I will do it soon but I need to settle down first in Nigeria. I just got a car; I need to get a house. I may not get everything in place before I get married. Once I get my business off the ground, then I will start looking towards making a family and we can build everything together. I think it is good to have something that brings in constant money. If I have a wife and children, I need to take care of them. It is a lifetime commitment and I do not have to do it because everybody is doing it. It is not measured by who got there first; it is by planning and getting it right. I want to do it right,” he explained.

Monjaro also stated that although he is mentally ready for marriage, he needs to get himself together because Nigeria has pretty girls who are the marrying type. “Almost every Nigerian woman is happy to marry a good man, and I am a good man. With the right woman, I will be a good man.”

The actor declined describing his kind of woman, but stated that whenever he finds his type of woman, he will approach her.

“People have tried to match make me with some ladies but my problem is not finding the right woman. I just have to put few things in place. I can manage that without anybody’s help.”



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