Davido Silences Critics

davido_betNigerian singer, Davido came into the industry with a bang. Yet, for some, he’s just another guy riding on the chest of his affluent background. His hit single, Dami Duro would merely rub it in. But with his Best Africa Act Award at the 2014 BET-making him the third Nigeria artiste to do so, Davido may have finally settled the scores.
Certainly, Davido will not sit on top of any playlist of great vocalist in the industry. No. Not when you consider the array of talents in the land. But if there was ever a call of Nigeria artistes who rose quite rapidly to the top he will surely be in contention, if not clinch it.

However, the reactions of some music lovers have strangely always been connected with his privileged background. In an industry where few can boast of such, Davido was born into it. And it is not his fault. Try as you may, these critics are quick to dismiss Davido’s potentials, choosing only to attribute his success to his parental fortune. Granted this privilege can easily buy him all the publicity and media stunts, but certainly it does not guarantee acceptability or listeners choice. No. Not in Nigeria. It will take more than that.

In the midst of this controversy, these critics have failed among other things to at least, look at other artistes in Davido’s league, since that is the bone of contention. When for instance, was Naeto C –the son of a former Minister and Ambassador last hit? Since his Ten over Ten days, has he put up anything worthwhile? He dropped the famous line of being the only Mc with an MSc, but does that guarantee hit music? Yet, Davido readily churn out hits after hits almost like a music factory.

How about Lynxx? Is he on exile? If there’s anything going for this son of a former Governor of Delta State, it is his good looks. Period! He has never been considered for any show, not alone headline it. Yet, multinationals slug it out to get Davido to grace their events- and such are readily sold out.

Lest we forget, who knows Taliman? Remember him? Struggle with that! With his blue –blood, being the son of the Alaafin of Oyo, his songs are unpopular even among his kinsmen. He sure remains a royal joke.

There may be several things Davido’s background can do for him, but it has certainly not bought him the BET 2014 Best African Act Award. He may have rode on the chest of his father’s wealth, but his acceptance, relevance and laurels are down to his abilities.



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