My Critics Neva Gave Me Money-Tunde Kelani

image.aspxVeteran film producer, Tunde Kelani, has given thumbs up for those that accused him of begging for money to shoot his movie ‘Dazzling Mirage.’

According to the movie maker, producers are always broke because it is not easy to make quality movies and the most challenging thing is funding because of the casts involved in making that movie.

Kelani attested to the fact that he was broke because of the crowd that were to be used for the movie, describing the experience as fun since it was the first of its kind in the country.

The movie producer explained that he was disappointed with his critics because they never even bothered to show care about the development of the movie which he describes as a movie which tends to help accept people living with sickle cell in the country.

“Of course, film makers go broke because chances are that funding is a problem. It is always a challenge, and in the case of Dazzling Mirage, we went on crowd sourcing, which is something new, through an associate in the US and the objective was to raise $20,000 to complete the film. It was a good experience for us because we had never done that before. Finally, we made it but something really happened. Some of the criticism came from Nigeria and it is interesting that people who criticised that I was going broke never brought money, but we had response from my brother and sister, the Maduegbuna of Afrinolly, who saw our second teaser which we put on the campaign. They said that they would give us the money and they did. That is why we acknowledge their support. A lot of people have supported us on the project. In fact, there is a girl who is living with the sickle cell disorder, I think she’s in the University of Ilorin, she gave us N50,000 which was very encouraging and very touching.”



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