‘Nigerian Men Are Good Lovers But Cheat’

okonkwookonkwoPromising and fast-rising Nollywood actress, Rachael Okonkwo, isn’t a household name yet, but the fair-skinned thespian has  all the trappings of a big star in the making: beauty, brains and the talent.

Having knocked on the doors of fame in such popular flicks like  ‘Pinging Ladies’, ‘White Ladies’, ‘Agatha’, ‘Tears of Olamma’, ‘Open and Close’, ‘Marine Daughters’, ‘Blackberry Madness’, ‘Ekaette Goes To School’ amongst others, Racheal has so much to look forward to, as far as the movie industry is concerned.

Recently, Potpourri, she said,  got talking with the stunning beauty and caught a glimpse of what rocks her world. On Nigerian men:“They are good lovers but cheats because polygamy runs in their blood”.

“ My heart has only been broken once and I know it can never be broken again because I am bigger and wiser. Some of them are very caring while others are not. But the fact remains that I love Nigerian men because they are good lovers.

Catch my man in bed with another woman??  Jesus, I can’t even imagine that but if it ever happens, that will be the end of it. I will feel very bad but if he sincerely apologises I will give him a second chance”.



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