Ladies Flock Around Top Yoruba Actor Ogogo

image.aspxTop Yoruba actor, Taiwo Hassan aka Ogogo, has once again won the heart of ladies and this was evident when he was spotted at an event that was held in Lagos few days ago.

Recall that some years ago, the handsome actor became a shadow of his former self, which made many to speculate various form reasons for his loss of weight.

But at this recently event, immediately Ogogo stepped into the hall, all eyes were on him and a lady was heard saying, ‘this is the Ogogo I used to know, this is how he looked many years ago’. And from that moment, some ladies were seen flocking around him to take photographs with him.

Some years ago, the handsome actor made many ladies heart to swoon; his fine looks coupled with his vintage acting made him irresistible both to the womenfolk, and movie marketers.



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