INCREDIBLE!!! Man Sets Wife Ablaze For Producing Female Children

woman set ablazeSome acts are barbaric, and this is certainly one of such.

Mrs. Monica Nwakpuke’s offence was that she gave birth to only female children as the middle-aged woman barely escaped the cold hands of death when her husband, Paul, allegedly hired assassins to set her ablaze for giving birth to only female children for him.

The culprit, Paul, a patent medicine dealer, who hails from Ebonyi State, was alleged to have hired assassins to kill his wife because she could not give him a male child.

The assassins were said to have trailed the woman to her father’s house where she was taking refuge over the lingering case of the male child issue, with the purported plan by her husband to eliminating her.

“Three men laid ambush for Monica in the night waiting for her when she came out to use the toilet and when she eventually came out that night, the attackers rushed and grabbed her while one of them slapped her repeatedly on her face before forcing her onto a standby motorcycle and sped off.”

The attackers doused her with fuel, then set her on fire and left before she was taken to the hospital where she is said to be battling to stay alive.
The victim’s younger brother, Mr. Sunday Nwigbo, said for the past 12 years when Paul impregnated Monica when she was a student of Enyi Community Secondary School in Ikwo, there had been no genuine love between the husband and wife. Nwigbo disclosed that Paul became furious with his wife because she only gave birth to female children without a male child.



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