American Singer Tweets in Yoruba And…

image.aspxForeigners seem to be falling in love with our language in Nigeria, most especially the Yoruba and Igbo language. Few months ago American actress, Kerry Washington who just welcomed a new baby for her Nigerian hubby, greeted her fans on Facebook with the Igbo language. She sure learnt that from her husband who is an Igbo man.

Just some hours ago another American R&B singer, Jhene Aiko appreciated the Yoruba language by tweeting in Yoruba. She wrote on her twitter handle “kuroni’ waju mi” meaning leave my front in English translating it.

Her Nigerian fans who knew what she said were thrilled and amazed. But she killed the whole fun when she said “hope I said that shit riiight’ she described the Yoruba language shit’. Some fans didn’t find this funny at all.



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