PICTURES: UNTHINKABLE! Model Makes Two Big Cheeks Holes For Art Sake

joel_miggler2Young German model was used to be an ordinary child until he started experimenting with piercing at the age of 13.

Joel Miggler, who now has two big tunnels in both of his cheeks, started his “art” experiments with stretching the earlobe, then he had his tongue forked, and to crown it all Joel stretched the artificially made cheek holes to 36mm in diameter.

Joel Miggler made two big cheek holes for the sake of artjoel_miggler4

The 23-year-old doesn’t plan to stop here, and wants to stretch the tunnels to 40mm.

“I’ve cut them three times and stretched them many millimetres.”joel_miggler1

When asked if it hurt to eat, Joel said it was just difficult, thus he “plugs” the holes to eat soup.

Miggler has no problems with private life, however some people find this kind of art strange. The model says he doesn’t care what haters think and say about him.




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