Sound Sultan On His Igbo Wife: ‘I Didn’t Force Islam On My Wife, She Really Loved Islam.’

Sound Sultan and his bride

Kokose Singer, Olanrewaju Fasasi aka Sound Sultan has stated that he didn’t force his wife, Chichi Morah, to convert to Islam from Christianity.

Sound Sultan maintains that his wife embraced Islam neither because of him, nor because of their marriage. She did it willingly because she was in love with the religion.

The exact words of Sound Sultan: “No one forces anyone to do a religion. It just happened that she married me and she really…really was in love with the religion herself.”

After Sound Sultan and Chichi Morah got married in 2009, Chichi who is from Ibo land and who was born and raised a christian embraced the teachings of Islam and adopted an Islam name, Farida.
Sound Sultan and his wife have three kids….

Whatever works for your marriage; religion must never be a barrier.



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