The Print Blazers;A Professional Must Have

Gone are the days when the odd, itchy, unflattering blazer were in vogue; an intervention has begun, as we embrace a ‘grown –up’ blazer which is the print blazer.

A well made print blazer is a conservative piece that is versatile, flattering and constructed with a woman’s movement in mind, which brings out a simultaneously professional and sensual outlook. Blazers also come in combining patterns to give a super cute, classy and yet chic look.

The print blazers are an epitome of this season’s biggest trend, which feature long sleeves and single button fastenings to flatter the female forms, thereby bringing class and composure to the print blazers.

A print blazer is a transformative object. It makes party dresses polished, denim dressy and shorts which bestow a boyish figure with curves, very sexy.

Make your summer jacket choices exciting this season with bold fabric and print blazers. Top off your look with it, and you will be in business.

They could be perfectly oversized, simple and structured, floral, all plain- colour, menswear-inspired (Androgynous) and so on. Style it like you mean it. They can complement any casual look.

Checkout photos of some irresistible print blazers worn by some celebrities with gorgeous accessories.

Whose print blazer do you love the most?





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