Men Still Argue About My Boobs Alot – Cossy Orjiakor.


Cossy may act like she doesn’t care but she does care about her future as a married woman with kids…She told Punch

“Most men notice my boobs when they meet me for the first time.They touch each other, arguing whether or not they are real. It will take a man with a lot of guts to walk up to me and approach me. But I believe in marriage and hope to eventually marry and have kids of my own”.

She also talks about her voice and album.She said she has also been on tour.

I have a studio in the house and I have been told I have a good voice. I don’t know about the other actors who say they get millions and billions but I remain a realistic person. I can never go on the set of a movie if I don’t know the producer no matter the money involved. I’m not doing music to compete with anybody and I am not really looking to get all of these big endorsements because I am in music for the love of it.

Yes money is part of the reason why I am doing music but during my launch I know how much my friends and relatives paid to get my album. Even before the video came out I had made all the money I spent 100 per cent over. I have been on tour in Lagos, Abuja and south Africa and the reception is always cool. If I take pictures and talk about the places I have been to, the whole city will run mad.”



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