Is Uche Jumbo In Search Of A New Husband?

Dresses with revealing necklines have been stealing the spotlight in this awards’ season, signalling, perhaps, a new era in red-carpet décolletage.

A little bit of cleavage exposure in an outfit is fashionable and stylish, so long it remains decent.

Every red carpet event is a fashion test, where some celebrities come out fabulously dressed, while others fail woefully.

Red carpets occasions such as the just concluded Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards was no different and just as some celebrities made the best dressed list, others just didn’t get it right.

In the fashion world, most problems associated with women is the quest to outdo one another when it comes to style. Could this be a recent competitive trend among female celebrities, especially the married ones among them?

Nigerian female celebrities are very stylish in traditional attires and western outfits, but most times, they tend to overdo things.

One of their major problems is their failure to dress according to their body type and their stylists are also not helping matters.

Majority of these stars see dressing appropriately, in accordance with their age and body type, to red-carpet occasions, special award ceremonies and other functions, as been less fashionable or old school. They forget the fact that, where one is aware of her body type, then there is no problem as to looking fabulous.

We are not sure what exactly is going on with Uche Jumbo’s wardrobe, but she just hasn’t been getting it right lately, as recent pictures of her at events show much of her cleavages in revealing outfits. Some have wondered why a happily married woman like her would indulge in such act. This has left a question on the lips of some of her fans who are asking if Uche Jombo is now shopping for another husband.

In 2012, the actress married Kenny Rodriguez.




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