Oscar Nominee Barkhad Abdi Maybe Deported From USA Over Criminal Past

hocking facts about the Oscar nominee and BAFTA winner Barkhad Abdi popped up last month, when the actor was returning to the USA from England.

Abdi, who traveled to London to receive his BAFTA award for Best Supporting Actor in the blockbuster “Captain Philips” featuring Hollywood start Tom Hanks, was stopped by US customs officials because of his criminal record.

The Somali-born actor’s problems with law were connected with drug possession, card fraud and giving police fake name. Moreover, he was jailed two times back in 2012.

American media provide that now Barkhad may face deportation from the country.

Meanwhile some resources claim that the 28-year-old is unlikely to be deported, because such measure is usually taken in the most serious cases.

Barkhad Abdi debuted as an actor in the movie “Captain Philips”, currently he is said to be directing his own film.



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