Celebrities Absence In My Son’s Wedding Averted Trouble Between Us

Veteran actor Kayode Odumosu, popularly known as Pa Kasumu, in an interview with The Nation newspaper, has defended his colleagues in the movie industry on their absence from his son’s wedding.

“I actually didn’t invite them because my son didn’t want any publicity. Although I invited Iya Rainbow, Iya Awero, Jide Kosoko and Ngozi Nwosu, none of them could make it.”

According to him, ‘Ngozi later called in the evening that she was held up in traffic around Iyana Ipaja, which I told her not to bother because it was almost over. Iya Rainbow couldn’t come for reasons I won’t like to disclose, but neither Jide Kosoko nor Iya Awero called me to explain why they didn’t come.’

Kasumu added that he was pleased that those he invited did not show up because it would have been trouble between him and his son who wouldn’t have been happy.

“The truth is, if they had come, my son wouldn’t have been happy with me because he would know that I invited them. Really, their presence would have generated some publicity, which might have angered him. So, he wanted a low-key ceremony.”



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