I Don’t Have Problem With My Daughter

Saidi Balogun was once rumor associated with a curse from his first wife which affected his relationship with Fathia Balogun, but he has debunk such claim and said that even when his daughter saw the news that he abandoned her, she had cried.

Saidi narrated about the false news: “My daughter called me that same morning she saw it, and started crying. She said, ‘Daddy, What’s all this? I saw something now that you have not shown me for the past 12 years. Is this the way this country is going to pay you back, instead of appreciating what you’re doing?’ I now told her, it’s not like that, but what she saw was the handiwork of some people who think they have the power to blog, and they can post anything they like. Let them go ahead and be posting their rubbish.”

When asked if there is trouble between him and his daughter: “ there is no problem between me and my daughter. We are happy. People should just think deeply before they write anything. They shouldn’t write to ruin other people’s tomorrow because of money.My beautiful, good looking angel is 15. Like father like daughter, she is much okay. Let the president, ministers or governors be aware, if any of their sons is willing to take her for a wife, they are free “.



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