Breastfeeding Is The Fastest Way To Lose Weight- Toyin Lawani Reveals Her Secret

Like Kim Kardashian, Toyin Lawani has revealed the secret of how she has been able to maintain her perfect body shape, Toyin who gave birth to a baby months back is back to work and a lot of people are just wondering how possible she could have gotten her real shape back so fast.

Toyin said “breastfeeding is still the fastest way to lose your baby fat sexy mamas don’t let any one tell you different, combine this with light workout routines and you are good to go….remember you have to eat in case of your baby.. To make sure your baby gets the right nutrients buy breastfeeding support pills…..take care of your body and it will shrink back quickly after child birth to your previous weight so it’s important to make sure u are in best shape before u get pregnant and while pregnant you’ll crave for a lot of junk try to minimize it and eat healthy plus vitamins this won’t make u add on a lot of pounds.

She continues that ladies should always watch their sugar level during pregnancy which is one way to reduce weight fast after birth.



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