Car Dealer Fights Ex-Gov Over Unpaid Toyota Corolla He Bought For Girlfriend

A controversial and embattled former governor from the South South is currently engaged in a shameful battle with a Lagos –based car dealer who is from the Eastern part of the country. The erstwhile good friends fell out over an unfavorable business deal. The business deal, unfortunately, is not the type that both of them would want the world to hear about or even know that it ever took place.

The ex-governor who has alphabet T in his name asked his friend who has alphabet C in his to supply a Toyota Corolla car to one of his younger girlfriends residing in one of the Lagos suburbs (Egbeda). The young girl, an ex-queen, with alphabet P beginning her first name, duly got the car and has been powering it around town since then.

The problem now is that the lover boy is yet to pay the car dealer who has been on his neck, refusing to let go. It was in the course of ensuring that he collects his money that both men fell out. Now other dirty details of their past deals, especially when the going was still good, are beginning to escape from where they were initially locked.

The politician loves bowler hats, enjoys turning out in South South attires and was once rumoured to be taking ‘that thing’. A good looking fellow, his wife was into serious business before politics slowed it down.



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