Motorists Describe Processing Of New Driver’s License As Cumbersome And Frustrating

Motorists in Lagos on Friday lamented the difficulties in obtaining the new driver’s licence at Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) processing centres.

Some motorists, who spoke in Lagos, described the process as cumbersome, frustrating and slow.

There was only one biometrics machine in most of the centres.

Most of the people who come to the centres for data capturing spend the whole day on queue.

A banker, Mr Kunle Akingbolade, said the process was stressful and frustrating.

“In some processing offices in Lagos, people start queuing as early as 6.00 a.m. for their applications.

“Under such a situation, people start jostling to cut corners and jump queues.’’

“It all brings stress to the poor and hapless citizens.

“Lagos is a mega-city with a large population. The traffic experienced in most parts of the state is evidence that we have a lot of car owners and drivers in the state.

“For a stress-free licence processing in a city like Lagos, there ought to be more centres and provision of more machines for data capturing,’’ Akingbolade said.

An engineer, Mr Amos Anjorin, said that he had been processing the licence since February and was yet to do data capture, due to system failure experienced whenever he was invited.

“I filled my form online, paid the recommended fee through a bank. I concluded my examination since February but I am yet to be captured.

“Thrice, I have been invited for data capturing but there is always the problem of system collapse, which no one can help,” a business woman, Mrs Abidemi Adesanya, said.

“I have been here for hours now. I reside in Festac and this is my fifth time of coming this year.

“Whenever I come, it is always one issue or the other.

“It is either system failure or something unfortunate will happen when it is almost my turn.’’

“Out of exasperation, I switched from Ikeja centre to the Ikorodu centre but there has not been any difference,’’ Adesanya said.

The motorists urged the FRSC to provide more bio-metrics machines at the centres to fast-track the data capturing process.

The Federal Government introduced the new licence for improved security and road safety.




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