How To Keep Your Romance Alive

How To Keep Your Romance Alive peculiarmagazine


They say love makes the world go round. ‘Each moment of a relationship should be romantic’. That means seizing every opportunity to sweeten up, even the most seemingly unsentimental times together. So here are those little gestures that keep a couple together and help them fight all odds and sustain a lifelong relationship.

Share a Secret Code: Pick a word that’s likely to come up occasionally in conversation (heat, midnight, bedroom, whipped cream…) and agree that every time someone uses it, you have to touch, anything from a kiss to a lingering thigh stroke under the table.

Get Swept Off Your Feet: Make up your own tango moves and groove with your guy for 15 minutes while you wait for dinner. Press your pelvises together, entwine your legs, and twist and twirl around the living room. “Slow dancing is so intimate,” says Godek.

Do Dishes Together: Doing dishes together is incredibly romantic,” says Janet, a 28-year-old chiropractor. “My dishwasher went on the blink one night, and my boyfriend offered to help clean up. We both rolled up our sleeves and got sudsy in the warm water. We talked about the places we’d love to travel to, the crazy things we’d like to try just once in our lives, and our hands kept touching.

Touch Tenderly in Front of the TV: When you’re both chilling out in front of the tube, heat things up with some hands-on action. Give each other mini foot massages while watching the evening news, or lay your head in his lap and let him stroke your hair.

Flash Him: When no one’s looking, give your guy a sneak peek in public. Granted, it’s not exactly violins-in-the-background romantic, but it’s certainly guaranteed to send his heart (and pulse) soaring.

Keep Him in the Dark: For the ultimate lights-out love nudge, fake a power outage. “Unplug the phone, computer, and TV, then turn off all the lights,” instructs Godek. “With nothing else to distract you, you have no choice but to break out the candles and cling to each other as you tell scary ghost stories…or just plain cling to each other.”

Make Out Every Time You’re Alone in an Elevator: Use this love-lifter as a cue to sneak in a secret smooch session.

Go Postal: Create some surprising postal passion by mailing I-want-you notes to your man. Start by telling him exactly what you love about every part of his body.

Play Barber Babe: Show your man some passionate pampering by giving him a sensual shave. After his morning shower, lather up his face with a great-smelling shaving cream and slide the razor in the direction the hair grows.

Compliment Each Other in Public: Compliment each other in front of friends, family, anywhere you happen to find yourself.



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