Taraba Lawmakers Stop Gov. Suntai From Resuming Duties

Taraba lawmakers stop Gov. Suntai from resuming duties

Taraba lawmakers stop Gov. Suntai from resuming duties


Taraba lawmakers stop Gov. Suntai from resuming duties, ask him to return to hospital. The Speaker of Taraba State House of Assembly, Haruna Tsokwa, has announced that the lawmakers have decided to ask Governor Danbaba Suntai to go back to the United States to continue his rehabilitation programme and only come back to run his office when he is fully fit.

The 24 members of the Assembly had on Wednesday evening visited the governor after resolving at their sitting earlier Wednesday to meet with Mr. Suntai to confirm his true state of health before taking any position on his letter stating his intention to resume office. In his statement:

 “Whereas we sympathize with the Suntais and the entire people of Taraba State over this unfortunate incident and sincerely wish the ailing Governor full recovery, we however condemn unequivocally the attempt by some political vultures within and outside the State who are bent on holding a whole State to ransom and make effective governance once again unrealistic,” a network of civil society groups said on Tuesday.
“These charlatans have desperately kept trying to cling to political power and by extension the resources of Taraba State through series of craftily woven plots of deceits, meant to hoodwink the Nigeria public in a manner similar to the unfortunate Turai-Yar’adua saga.”




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