North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Executes Ex-Girlfrend

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un executes ex-girlfrend

Kim Jong-un and current wife Ri Sol-ju. Photo: Mirror

According to multiple reports, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had his ex-girlfriend executed by a firing squad for allegedly making a sex tape. Reports say Kim Jong-un’s singer ex-girlfriend Hyon Song-wol and other victims were arrested on August 17 and executed on August 20, 2013.

The ex-lover of the North Korean leader was executed by machine guns in front of relatives. Song-wol is believed to have been one of 12 well-known person known for violating North Korea’s law against pornography.

A South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported how the victims were accused of filming themselves having sex and selling the material. It was also claimed that some possessed Bibles, which meant they were treated as political dissidents.

Reports also say the families of those killed have been sent to several prison camps under a law of guilt by association.

Kim and Song-wol met around 10 years ago, but the dictator was forced by his father, Kim Jong-il, to end the relationship.

Last year rumours had it that they were having an affair after Kim was pictured with a mystery woman while watching a performance by the Moranbong Band.

Kim assumed power in 2011 when his father died of a suspected heart attack. He is currently married Ri Sol-ju with whom he shares a child with.



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