Meet Matilda Hipsy, The Ghanaian Who Has Bigger Hips Than Our Toolz

Matilda Hipsy

Matilda Hipsy is a notable Ghanaian known for her large endowment from behind and sideways. The beautiful lady flaunts her natural fundament in the photos below.


Check out photos of Toolz flaunting her all natural assets too below;

Toolz O

On the other hand, meet Vanity Wonder, the woman with the world’s largest butt implant.

Vanity Wonder Before & After

Big enough to catch your attention right? But they are failed implants. Vanity is today unhappy with the end result;

When I heard about butt injections I thought it sounded stupid but after a year in that environment as a dancer, everyone was doing it, it wasn’t such a foreign concept. I thought I might as well try it. ’Then it became a competition – not for men but against other women.
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So many of us were doing it because we wanted to better than the other person.’ ‘It did become addictive but it got infected so I was left with lumps. So I had a choice, I could have a medium-sized lumpy butt or keep padding it with silicone to make it better. So it wasn’t my goal to get this big but padding it with silicone is how this happened.’‘Truthfully I would like smaller butt but I’m happy I didn’t die and still here for my children. I did so much dumb stuff with my body I’m lucky that I’m still living. When I look in the mirror, I think I would like a smaller butt, it’s hard to go shopping, but I’m just happy I’m still here.’

In the quest for acquiring endowments, is it right to do butt implants? In Matilda and Toolz, who do you think is more endowed?



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