Grandfather caught selling human head for N1,000

Grandfather caught selling human head for N1,000

A grandfather and former employee of Epe Area cemetery in Lagos State, Mr Segun Kayode, was arrested by men of Lagos State Police Command for allegedly exhuming and selling human parts at his residence.

The suspect was arrested following a report by a resident and had disclosed that his poor and jobless state were responsible for his act.

According to the police, the suspect, who had worked at a cemetery in Epe area of the state, was arrested with a human skull.

Police source told reporters that the suspect sell human parts for a living, adding that he had become notorious in the area for selling human parts.

It was learnt that the suspect was arrested following a report by a resident who saw him displaying a skull for sale.

The culprit who could not give his exact age said, “I live at 2,Tungbehin Street, Epe. I have two children and I am a grandfather. I have always been poor all my life because I had no formal or informal education. I used to be a fisherman, but when there were no more fishes in riversaround my area, I became a gardener at Epe Local Government Secretariat.

“About four years ago, the LG said they no longer need my services, so I started trimming grass at a cemetery in the area.”

The suspect, who did not deny the allegations, said there was nothing wrong in selling dead people’s parts since the dead never used them.

He said one day, while he was clearing weeds in the cemetery, he noticed a human skull which had been dug up.

He said, “Most times, when a corpse is not buried with a coffin, the possibility of the corpse resurfacing is very high. So, what workers at the cemetery do is to gather some of the corpses and burn them instead of burying them again.

“I realized that this was not the smart thing to do since it would be better to make money from it. The families of these dead people never cared about them once they are buried and weeds take over the cemetery.”

The suspect said he had sold only two corpses, while he had on numerous occasions given them out for free.

Sarcastically he said, “I have sold only two human heads. I sold the first one for N1, 000 while I sold the second one for N1, 500. Last week, a resident approached me saying a herbalist needed the head, so I got a decomposed head, for him, washed it and put it on the fence to dry.

“A resident saw me and raised the alarm and that was how I was arrested.”



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