New Windows 8 Touch Enabled Products 2013 Launched

New Windows 8 Touch Enabled Products 2013 Launched peculiarmagazine

New Windows 8 Touch Enabled Products 2013 Launched PC kings…Hewlett Packard (HP) recently launched their new Windows 8
touch enabled Envy series products – the Envy4 Touch-smart, the Envy x2 notebook/tablet and the Envy 23 AIO. Splendid!

The ENVY x2 PC? Its an all in one gadget. The ENVY x2 PC is a Notebook and Tablet combo. ENVY x2 PC comes with an awesomely bright vivid HD Touch display. Is that all? No…you can also detach the tablet for those times when you want to carry even less.
As a tablet, it comes with an excellent 7-hour battery life and when docked as a notebook – 14-hour battery life is what you get.
It also has an optional stylus which adds creativity, giving customers the freedom to write, draw and navigate with added

How about the Envy 23 AIO desktop? The ENVY 23 AIO desktop is a product with a fantastic, Vibrant 23 inch touch screen. Now you got that? It means you can skip the keyboard and mouse and wipe whatever you want or click whatever you want right on ThE SCREEN!
With an impressive 3rd Generation Intel dual-core processor, you can count on super PC speed. With an extended battery life of over 8 hours and an impressive 3rd generation Intel Core Processor plus Intel HD Graphics 4000, the Envy 4 Touch smart notebook is a 14inch; Ultrathin lightweight laptop.

The new HP products come with Beats Audio which provides you with a rich resounding 3D audio experience.

New Windows 8 Touch Enabled Products 2013 Launched
Would definitely get some of those…who’s interested?



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