Why Do Nigeria Celebs Deliver Their Kids Abroad?

Nigerian celebs are now of the culture of delivering their babies abroad. Stars in both the music industry and Nollywood which include the likes of Mercy Johnson, Terry G, Peter Okoye and a host of others had their kids abroad.

Mercy Johnson had her baby girl at the John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, USA. Lara George had her second child in the United States of America. Similarly, Terry G’s wife Mimi delivered their first child abroad as well. Nollywood actor, Segun Arinze and his wife had their second child in a Texan hospital. While Peter square and Lola Omotayo welcomed their second child Aliona in San Francisco, United States of America.

This isn’t only applicable to the celebs, other well-to-do non-celebs also travel out of Nigeria for the delivery of their children. What do you think might be responsible for this new trend? Could it be for adequate health care, pleasure or acquisition of citizenship?



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