Goldie And Prezzo’s Big Fight In BigBrother House.

Big Brother Stargame ‘Lovebirds’ Goldie and Prezzo had another big fight last night, we all saw this one coming.

Barely a day after Goldie announced that she had saved him from eviction Prezzo has made it clear to her that he actually didn’t need her to.

After a minor argument, the on-off couple tore each other apart and Prezzo didn’t mince his words as he told the Nigerian exactly where to get off.

‘You are a quitter, you are a runner, run away like you always do’, Prezzo told Goldie who painfully tried to defend her actions.

‘Look beyond the action to the intention’, Goldie pleaded.

Could it really be over between the two?

Goldie talks to herself a lot in the Big Brother House. It’s kinda weird! After her fight with Prezzo today, she spent almost an hour talking to herself about the fight.

I thank God for my mind and my heart and the grace God has given me to be able to see certain things. Someone who really cares for you never count how many times they’ve been nice to you so on that note, you don’t really care about me” Goldie said to herself.

And after her diary session with Biggie, Goldie said she wanted to leave the BBA house.

I can’t afford this type of thing, I’m going home. Everybody will be disappointed but I can’t. Everybody is strange but I’m even stranger” Goldie whispered to herself.



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