Top 10 Health Benefits Of Lemon.

1. Good for the stomach.

2. Excellent for the skin.

3. Aids in dental care.

4. Cures throat infections.

5. Good for weight loss.

6. Controls high blood pressure.

7. Assist in curing respiratory disorders.

8. Good for treating rheumatism.

9. Reduces fever.

10. Acts as a blood purifier.



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  1. sowemimo olanrewaju says:

    It is believe some years back that lemon is use for curing so many ailments like throat infection, weight loss,stomach disorder,control high blood pressure and so on and so forth let’s give kudos to peculiar international magazine for educating and enlightening the people about the medicinal aspect of lime which is nature’s gift to mankind for every man and woman need not to panic when experiencing some ailments which is one of the ones mention above, even till date some parents don’t seems to appreciate the wonder works of lemon they(parents)only knows that it is sour to taste, I really thank the staffers of PECULIAR INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE for bringing this to the fore with this little enlightenment so many people must have been keep abreast of what to use to cure some ailments which might not even mention above because it will serve as a springboard as well booster to want to know more about the usefulness of some crops and fruits hence who are not suppose to die from minor ailments will not die after going through peculiar international magazine, with this human resources of the country is been maintained for future generation, the economy advancement is been put in shape and order, please the executive producer of this magazine don’t stop at this junction of public sensitisation keep up the good work, still bring us(the public)the medicinal importance of some food crops and fruits.More grace to your elbow.

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