Are you REALLY logged in to Facebook?

Beware! You are about to be compromised, FOC (Free of charge)!

Facebook Login

Ok, I recently added a friend of mine on Facebook and saw a funny link on her wall. This link opens on another tab where I am asked to log in to Facebook again. Did I log out? I was curious. Two things I quickly noticed:

  1. I was still logged in to Facebook from the other tab I was coming from and could navigate through Facebook there.
  2. The address bar of the new tab read ‘’(don’t click) and luckily for me, my Antivirus alerted me of a virus on this website/page.

Had I logged in through that page, my login details would have been silently collected by the site owner (and kept for future abuse) and I would have been redirected to the Facebook I never logged out from in the first instance. My guess is that my friend’s account must have been compromised and the perpetrator was using her account to do more damage.

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  • Beware, when logging in to Facebook, don’t be deceived by the logo/feel of Facebook, it’s easy to clone. Check the address bar to ensure you are really on Facebook. Look for something with only in it, whether the prefix is https or http.
  • Also be careful with how you grant Facebook applications access to your account.
  • Add people you know as friends. As a simple rule, I personally only respond to friendship requests with at least 5 mutual friends. Sorry I don’t make random friends (and enemies).
  • Remember there are also (potential) enemies on Facebook as there are friends. So don’t spread ALL your laundry out in the open.
  • Whether you suspect anything intrusion (or not), change your password frequently.



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