Scam Alert!

I just made a post on “Internet Scam” and the next thing I get is a classic SPAM. Read below:


My name is Miss mercy I Saw Your contact information at the site today and after giong through it i Become interested in you, so if you do not mind, I will like you to contact me back with my private email That I know can give you my pictures for you to know Whom I Am, although the flesh online searching for a true and honest man .. I believe we can move from here! Remember …, color, language or distance Does not Matter but Love matters a lot in life.
Best of my Regards
a lot of love and kissssssssss

Its funny how ‘low-end’ scam-artists think. Let me guess what is on this dude’s mind (yes dude, he’s likely male). Ok, this is a media brand. maybe with lots of money to throw at babes/female acquaintances for whatever reasons. And whoever is behind their email address is definitely human, so let me take my chance.

Statistically the truth is that scam-artists like to cast their nets as wide as possible. Irrespective of the probabilities, they stand a better chance with wider nets.

Stay posted for more on this topic and more soon …



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