Happy Birthday! Nelson Mandela

By: Ayuba Jamiu

In the time of feeble
Eyes were masked
Ears deafen
Legs were chained
Our tongues twisted and minored
Like we must die as black
Or else-take off our God’s given skin
And become white to be alive!

The heavens outcry segregation! Aberration!
The soil bleeds in prejudice and molestation
until a legend was born in South Africa
An untiring voice that roar like thunder
An untamed (black) color that shines like rainbow
A racket of peace and black revolution arose

And then we saw mountains being move by mere hands
You sliced through the crust of apartheid like a raging blade

In Robben Island Prison
For the rainbow government dreaming
The seizure by the British colony we all cried
And smile for his release after 27 years imprisonment

Today you turned 93 and a 200 we wish you go
In your shinning grey we would adore till grave

Look into his eyes
And you will see satisfactions
The freedom purchase for all
The pride of Africa
The Madiba of his motherland
The father of the black race

Mandela the MADIBA I know you are listening
I’m coming to your home papa
Where lives unbroken spirit
An ever burning courage
B’cos Nigeria deserves a fire like you
That will born rocks into ashes!

Oh we love you much
The children of Africa
And together we stood on the moon-waving Happy birthday MANDELA!



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2 Responses to Happy Birthday! Nelson Mandela

  1. ONOME EWOMA says:

    A beautiful piece to one of Africa’s most illustrous sons.The writer Ayuba Jamiu brought class and talent to achieve this masterpiece.A true work of art.This is worth a million dollar.

  2. Dayo says:

    This is aesthetic! Nyce piece

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